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Service Overview

Free Services
One year free service is provided for the PatrolFlow products, including one-year system software upgrade, one-year hardware warranty and one-year technical support services. The service time starts from the day of signing the purchase contract and ends on the 365th day.

Technical Support Services
Service Architecture
Byzoro Networks provides two levels of technical support services in China through our technical support team, which comprises engineers from vendors and certified engineers from contract dealers and authorized integrators.


Level-I Technical Support
It is the direct service for customers, including technical advice, program design and demonstration, on-site installation and after-sales services. Level-I technical support is divided into on-site support and remote support (through telephone, Internet, etc.), which is provided by integrators and dealers authorized by the vendors. Technical support engineers have to acquire the certification from the vendors. Byzoro Networks’ vendors provide integrators and dealers with sound technical training and regular information updates required to provide better technical services and solutions for customers. 
       Level-II Technical Support
When level-I technical support engineers fail to diagnose or solve their problems within the prescribed time because of objective reasons, customers can apply Byzoro Networks’ technical support center for fault analysis and troubleshooting. Authorized dealers of Byzoro Networks can submit questions by visiting Byzoro Networks’ technical support website or sending emails. To submit a question, customers should ensure that the related equipment has already been registered online and is within its warranty period. Byzoro Networks provides level-II technical support service for authorized integrators and resellers.

Description of Services and Support
Service Range
Byzoro Networks technical support services are to help customers check, troubleshoot and maintain Byzoro Networks’ products. Our services cover configuration of networks and other networking products such as routers, and customers are supposed to resolve problems that are not directly related to Byzoro Networks’ products.
Technical Support
For all products within warranty periods, technical support through e-mail is available on an 8 x 5 basis. For all warranted products, technical support through telephone is available on an 8 x 5 basis. All service requests from customers are handled by our after-sales service monitoring system, which records all customer requests and our troubleshooting operations. The service monitoring system will continuously update to reflect the ownership and status of problems. Problem solving by technical support engineers and their managers can be traced on a daily basis, and those not responded or solved in time will be reported the management staff.
Byzoro Networks has no obligation to provide support services in the following cases:
1. Problems are caused by the end user by changing, damaging or modifying the product or any part of the product.
2. The product is not a new version or a successive version of the earlier version (excluding the products covered by the Byzoro Networks’ product life cycle policy).
3. Problems are caused by the following reasons: accidents, transportation, any problems due to user negligence or misuse, changes to the device hardware, not stable installation environment, improper power supply, or use of the product not for designed purpose.
4. Problems arise because the product is not used on the designated hardware platform.
5. Byzoro Networks is not responsible for the product after any changes made to the product by the user for their own needs.

Hardware Warranty
Byzoro Networks provides services to repair/replace faulty equipment (in accordance with contract provisions). Byzoro Networks can provide appropriate tools for troubleshooting and hardware failure diagnosis.

Software Support Services
Byzoro Networks releases software versions from time to time, providing new features and additional functions. These software versions can be downloaded for all products within the software support services term and under the purchase contract. Please consult with the dealer of Byzoro Networks for professional advices before installing these new system software versions.


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