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Basic Introduction

Byzoro T6000 is an 8-slot T bit rack-mounted shunt which is designed to meet application requirements of traffic collection, traffic analysis, traffic monitoring, intrusion detection, etc. in complex network environment such as large IDC data center, operator core backbone room, etc. This product provides abundant service processing modules supporting various network interface types such as GE, 10GE, 10G POS, 40GE, 40G POS and 100GE, and provides abundant strategies such as traffic distribution, convergence, filter, replication, load balancing, etc., which fully satisfies the needs of various complex networking requirements with large traffic. Therefore, this product is the preferred shunting device for building a traffic monitoring and analysis platform in complex networking environment with large traffic. 

Application Block Diagram

Introduction to Highlights
Supporting data interface single-fiber receiving and sending function; 
Supporting various network interface types such as GE, 10GE, 10G POS, 40GE, 40G POS and 100GE; 
Supporting identification of POS packet link layer packet, VLAN packet, MPLS packet, IP layer packet, IPv4 packet, IPv6 packet, TCP/UDP/SCTP packet, ICMP packet, IP layer tunnel packet, L2TP/PPTP tunnel packet, IPsec (AH, ESP encapsulation) tunnel packet, etc.; 
Supporting homology and homoclinics in the board, homology and homoclinics of the whole machine, as well as homology and homoclinics of multi-machine frame cascade; 
Supporting convergence of all traffic as well as processing with interface as unit; the shunting algorithm supports hash calculation according to any 5-tuple combination; 
Supporting matching in accordance with 5-tuple, including TCP Flag and transmission load length, mask rule or ACL formal rule, and supporting matching in accordance with 16 million 5-tuple ACL rules, unique tuple, 2-tuple, 5-tuple,complete rule, attribute code and compound rule; 
Supporting traffic statistics, data matching, header output, package sampling, default action, header prelude stripping, output packet information carrying, data forwarding, and processing of packet not identified. 

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