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DDOS Packet Filtering

Basic Overview

DDoS attack is very common in current network environment. The attack traffic can reach more than one Gbps or greater within a few seconds, and it is difficult to defend such attacks. Sakura Internet established several data centers in Japan. They have found a method to reduce DDoS attack by SDN filtering. 
DDoS filtering application includes the following steps: 
Modifying the IPDA (attacked by DDoS) of legal packet by using OpenFlow switch
Connecting the OpenFlow switch to the AS border router via the 10G port, and transmitting the packet from the original input port
Restoring the original IPDA in the packet through the OpenFlow switch at a location close to the client
Based on Byzoro OF-Engine Series core chip, the PATROLFLOW-TME Series OpenFlow switch provides industry-leading packet matching and flexible editing functions so that the anti-DDoS scheme of Sakura Internet can be implemented. In the application of this scheme, the most critical function is that the OpenFlow switch must support IPDA adaptation. At present, only Byzoro OF-Engine Series switch chip supports this function. 
Application Block Diagram
Introduction to Highlights
PATROLFLOW-TME Series switch supports packet editing, such as adaptation of IP DA
Various mainstream controllers (Floodlight, NOX, RYU, etc.) can be supported perfectly
PATROLFLOW-TME Series switch, built based on Byzoro OF-Engine Series core chip, can support OpenFlow1.0 and OpenFlow1.1+, especially OpenFlow1.3
Byzoro Ethernet switch chip can realize all SDN functions at a wire speed

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