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Overview of SDN

Software Defined Network (SDN) is a new type network innovation architecture, the core concept of which is to separate the control layer from the forwarding layer of the network device so as to realize flexible control of network traffic. It provides a good platform for the innovation of network and applications. 

SDN has the following key advantages: 
Service-Oriented: SDN can be easily integrated with the computing function to facilitate resource management and maintenance. Thus, the network and service objective can be kept consistent in a better way. 
Customizable: Any developer can write the software to achieve flexible application and operation of the network. 
Faster: Users can get their desired functions at a faster speed, without waiting for the suppliers to offer said functions. The functions can be deployed and launched instantly according to service demands. 
Simpler: The entire IT operation status can be managed through one control point so that both the management complexity and the possible mistakes resulting from manual operation can be reduced, thus decreasing the network failure time. Moreover, the automatic network configuration reduces the workload of manual configuration. 
The Openflow-based SDN solution is a public standard method. It promotes the formation of an open market accommodating various suppliers, and the problem of vendor lock-in can be avoided. 
Introduction to Byzoro SDN Products
Patrolflow-TME series is built based on Byzoro's independently developed OF-Engine series core chip and mature ToR hardware platform, and integrates open source OpenvSwitch and Byzoro SDK. Users can easily develop customized SDN solutions to realize various network virtualization applications by relying on good software and hardware interface and platform openness of Patrolflow-TME. 
Supported by high-performance Ethernet exchange chip CTC6048 of Byzoro, Patrolflow-TME has a variety of OpenFlow characteristics. Currently, Patrolflow-TME series switch supports 24/48 port GE, and four 10GE uplink ports. 
Product Appearance
 Introduction to Highlights
Standard 1RU box solution
Low power consumption below 85W
Supporting OpenFlow 1.3.0
Single chip supporting a built-in flow table of up to 2.5K
Supporting complete L2 - L4 matching domain
Supporting multiple actions based on single-flow table entry
Supporting NvGRE Tunnel and MPLS L2 VPN
Supporting QinQ, Meter, Queue, Group
Providing an additional RJ45 Eth management port (applicable to remote monitoring and configuration)
Supporting USB interface (supporting expansion of Flash storage capacity)
SDN Application Cases
SDN-based DDOS packet filtering
SDN-based load balancing
SDN-based multi-data center traffic control
SDN-based network virtualization

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