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LTE Big Data Acquisition and Mining

Basic Introduction

Byzoro DPI device is mainly used for acquisition and identification, analysis and statistics, log synthesis, etc. of traffic on Internet link. Through detection and analysis of traffic and packet content at key points of network, the detected traffic is filtered according to the predefined strategy, and the functions of this link, such as fine service identification, service traffic flow analysis, service traffic proportion statistics, service proportion shaping, denial of service attack by application layer, filtering of virus and Trojan, control on P2P abuse, etc., are performed. For LTE scene, Byzoro DPI acquisition server customized and developed according to Technical Specification of Unified DPI Device - Device Specification of LTE Signalling Acquisition Parsing Server of China Mobile meets the specification, and is downwards compatible with 2G/3G network. Logic interface data, such as S1-MME/S1-U/S6a/S10/S11/S5/S8/SGs/Gn, in the acquisition link in the LTE scene can be automatically collected and identified. 
Applicable Scenes
Application Block Diagram
Introduction to Highlights
1. Identification: Identifying common protocols and service, and supporting identification of traffic; 
2. Splitting multiplexing: For DPI device with optical division function, supporting splitting for the third-party system; 
3. Original packet mirror multiplexing: Supporting filtering and mirroring of the identified traffic, and supporting filtering and mirroring of traffic according to protocols, service type, website, attribute field, etc. or a combination thereof; 
4. Session-level data multiplexing: Supporting session data exchange, wherein the exchanged objects are log files generated by DPI; 
5. Association backfilling function: Backfilling to the corresponding XDR according to the signalling packet resolved address; 
6. Data playback function: Supporting downloading of pcap file from the server, and playback of the downloaded pcap file; 
7. Raw data retention function: Supporting retention of the raw data packet of traffic; 
8. User online state query function: Supporting monitoring and reporting functions of the designated user online information; 
9. Report alarm function requirement: Supporting the reporting function of the alarm message itself; 
10. Resource feature library sending message: Supporting the policy server to perform policy deployment on the unified DPI device; this message is mainly used by the policy server to send various types of regularly updated repositories to the DPI device; 
11. File restoration: Supporting restoration of traffic of the designated protocol and file type to obtain weblog and sample file. 
Software Solution
Software Function Block Diagram
Software Module Composition and Description
1. Transmission Control Layer
2. Receiving signalling and data from hardware interfaces, identifying these signalling and data, performing functions such as recombination of signalling packet as required, letting signalling from different interfaces be processed by different procedures, receiving the processed result data from the next higher layer and sending this data; 
3. Session Parsing Layer
4. Decoding the signalling of each interface, including S1-MME, S6a, SGs, Uu, X2, etc., and deciphering the S1-MME signalling. Encapsulating internal message of unified format, and sending it to the next higher layer for service logic processing; 
5. Logic layer
6. Receiving logic configuration from the service configuration layer, receiving internal message from the session parsing layer for logic matching processing, and judging whether to transmit the intermediate processed result to the data processing layer or to generate XDR and submit it to the transmission control layer for transmission according to the logic processing result; 
7. Data Processing Layer
8. Processing intermediate result of signalling; 
9. Service Configuration Layer
10. Supporting logical conversion relationship configuration of signalling from each interface, and driving the operation of the logic layer. 

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