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Basic Overview

Byzoro DPI device is mainly used for acquisition and identification, analysis and statistics, log synthesis, etc. of traffic on Internet link. Through detection and analysis of traffic and packet content at key points of network, the detected traffic is filtered according to the predefined strategy, and the functions of this link, such as fine service identification, service traffic flow analysis, service traffic proportion statistics, service proportion shaping, denial of service attack by application layer, filtering of virus and Trojan, control on P2P abuse, etc., are performed. For fine management of traffic in Metropolitan Area Network (MAN) scene, Byzoro DPI series of MAN meets Technical Requirements for DPI System of China Telecom, Technical Requirements for Deep Packet Inspection System of Fixed-Line Broadband of China Telecom, Technical Specification of IDCISP Information Security Technical Management of China Unicom, and Specification of Unified DPI Device of China Mobile. 

Applicable Scenes
Scene 1: IP Metropolitan Area Network
Egress connected with INTERNET and egress interconnected with main domestic and foreign IP networks. 
Scene 2: IDC Egress
Egress of IDC connected with the provincial network/backbone network, i.e., a link between IDC egress router and the external hosted network. 
Scene 3: Provincial Network Egress
Egress of provincial network to backbone network, i.e., a link between the provincial network convergence router and the backbone network router. 
Scene 4: Provincial Network Internet Egress
Egress of provincial network connected with a third-party network, i.e., a link between the provincial network internet egress router and the third-party network. 
Scene 5: Backbone Network Internet Egress
Egress of backbone network connected with other operator network, i.e., a link between the backbone network internet egress router and other operator network. 
Application Block Diagram
Introduction to Highlights
Traffic mirroring: Capturing the original information of data packet, but not modifying, cutting or deleting the packet during capture; 
XDR bill: Generating synthesis XDR strictly as required, and outputting all TCP packets in upstream and downstream data according to the specification; 
Information push: Supporting importing of user group and administrator-defined advertisement/announcement page, setting the specified time, frequency and number of times, pushing different advertisements and perfect advertising management mechanisms to a specific user or user group, and performing the page push function according to different customization requirements; 
Traffic visualization: Supporting network traffic visualization, user application visualization, and visualization of network edge service such as base station, etc.; 
Sharing detection: Accurately locating various broadband private access users through the IP layer and transmission layer monitoring technology and various application layer feature detection technologies to help operators crack down broadband private access users; 
VoIP application control: Supporting identification of various domestically popular standard and nonstandard VoIP protocols, having VoIP analysis and blocking functions, and supporting detection of various VoIP protocols encapsulated in common tunneling protocols such as VLAN, GRE, PPP, MPLS, etc.; 
Safety protection: Supporting detection of large-scale security events with abnormal traffic characteristic. Generating 24-hour dynamic change characteristics according to historic traffic statistical data of features such as total data stream, transmission rate of data stream, size of data packet, number of data packets,rate of data packet, linking number and duration in the network, and on this basis, finding large-scale security events with abnormal traffic characteristic, such as Distributed Denial Of Service (DDOS), network worm, etc. 
Network management function: Supporting transmission of user required contents including alarm information, resource allocation information, service configuration information, performance data, etc. to the data network management system through SNMP, SYSLOG, data base interface, etc. 

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